Multiple Teams · Hazel Green High School: 7 – Bob Jones High School: 20 (BJ starts slow but takes over in 2nd half)

Bob Jones starts slow but takes over in 2nd Half

Bob Jones won the coin toss and selected to Kickoff in the 1st half. Matt Sendral was responsible for all the kicking duties due to the suspension of place kicker Chris Campbell. Sendral had a short opening kick but the Trojans only got out to their own 26 yard line. The Patriots started well by stopping the Trojans on a couple of runs until Antoine Powers broke loose on a 49 yard run. The Trojans then marched down to the 6 yard line for a 1st and goal. The Patriots put up a great defensive stand moving the Trojans back highlighted by an interception by Harmon Gage in the end zone on a 3rd and 10 play. The Patriots got the ball on the 20 yard line, 1st and 10. After a few plays, the Patriots got out to their own 40 but had to punt after a failed 3rd and 22 play. The Trojans took the ball on their own 35 but couldn’t get anything going while the 1st quarter came to a close.

Both teams started out the 2nd quarter with 3 plays and a punt. The Patriots received their second punt of the 2nd quarter from the Trojans on our 27 yard line with 8:07 left in the half. The Patriot’s Michael Dean then attempted a pass over the middle that was picked off by the Trojan’s Courtney Fowler and returned for a Hazel Green score. The extra point was good to put the Trojans up 7-0. The Patriots received the kickoff and seemed to start to get things going but Max Martin, Chris Cooper, and Rod Matthews left the game with injuries and we struggled. The Patriots failed to move the ball and held on until the end of the half with no more damage. Hazel Green 7, Bob Jones 0

The Patriots came out from the Halftime break with a new energy and with Martin and Cooper patched up. Bob Jones started their offense on their own 29 yard line after the the Trojan kickoff. The Patriots started mounting a drive with a good mixture of running and passing that took them down to the Hazel Green 5 yard line, 1st and 5. After a short run on 1st down, Dirk Caudle fumbled while trying to stretch across the goal line. The ball was picked out of mid air by the Trojan’s Tony Stewart. Hazel Green, 1st and 10 on their own 5. At this point, the Patriot defense really seemed to get into the game. They came out on fire with very emotional hitting and swarming which caused the Trojan offense trouble. The Trojans punted with 5:10 left in the 3rd after going 3 and out. The Patriots started at the 44 yard line with new energy. On the next play, Max Martin got loose for a 44 yard touchdown run. The extra point was missed by Matt Sendral, Hazel Green 7, Bob Jones 6. The Patriots kicked off and stop the Trojans on their own 26 yard line. The Trojans gained one first down but couldn’t move the ball against the fired up Patriot defense led by David Brown. The Trojans punted the ball away and gave the Patriots the ball back on their own 28 yard line. The Trojan defense seemed to be getting a little tired at this point. Bob Jones responded by calling on #32 Max Martin to punish the defenders. Max Martin broke loose again on a 44 yard TD run highlighted by a monster stiff arm on a unfortunate Trojan defender on about the 10 yard line. The Patriots made good on the 2 point conversion with a pass from Michael Dean to Dirk Caudle. Bob Jones 14, Hazel Green 7.

The Trojan’s started the 4th quarter on their own 24 yard line and moved the ball out to the 35 after a couple of plays. On the next play, the Trojan’s Wesley Henderson was intercepted by the Patriot’s Chris Enyinda to give the Patriots the ball on the 49 yard line with 10:52 remaining. After going three and out, Matt Sendral nailed a 49 yard punt which was downed inside the 5 yard line. The Trojan’s failed to move the ball against the emotional Patriot defense which was highlighted by a huge hit by Phillip Williams. A good punt by Hazel Green gave the Patriots the ball on the 42 yard line. After a couple of plays which got the ball to the Trojan 45 yard line, Max Martin got loose again down to the 12 yard line. On the second play from scrimmage, Michael Dean scored on a quarterback keeper with 4:50 left in the game. The extra point was missed which put the Patriots up 20-7. After the kickoff, it was Jerod Richardson’s time for a big hit. Phillip Williams intercepted a pass a few plays later to seal the victory. Between the big runs by Max Martin, Dirk Caudle looked good running the ball as well as Chris Cooper catching. Matt Sendral struggled with place kicking duties, but more than made up for it with a 48.0 yard average per punt! The entire Bob Jones defense stepped it up a notch in the second half. Good game. By John Parkes

Bob Jones 0 0 14 6 20
Hazel Green 0 7 0 0 7



Second Quarter

Hazel Green – Fowler 36 interception return (Willard kick), 7:56

Third Quarter

Bob Jones – Martin 44 run (kick failed), 5:00
Bob Jones – Martin 35 run (Caudle pass from Dean), 3:05

Fourth Quarter

Bob Jones – Dean 11 run (kick failed), 4:50


BJHS Hazel Green
First Downs 17 5
Yards Rushing 39/323 32/141
Yards Passing 29 12
Passes 2/10/1 2/5/3
Fumbles/Lost 1/1 2/0
Penalties/Yds. 4/30 4/30
Punts/Avg. 3/48.0 4/35.5